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    This is the most important task for your SEO audit checklist where you determine the objective or the purpose as to why you are in need of an SEO audit. These objectives will eventually define the extent of this checklist and maybe, make things a bit different. For example, if your website is not yielding the desired speed results, you might want to conduct an SEO audit and figure out what’s causing the trouble. On the other hand, if there is a sudden downfall in the traffic metrics, you might want to fix things through an SEO audit. Well, there are many similar objectives behind this activity and by carefully assessing them, you will be able to perform an SEO Audit more effectively. SEO begins with keywords so it is a good idea to begin your audit with the analysis of the keywords your site is using and if you’re targeting the right ones. Make sure that you are using less competitive, long tail keywords that are very specific to the industry you are dealing in. The right keyword will be relevant, measurable, and obviously not a shot at the moon i.e. it will help you rank better.
    Each shortened URL will display advertisements before taking users to the final URL. This way, your service generates revenue based on ad impressions. Members can simply shorten URLs and earn money in the process whenever these URLs generate ad impressions. It will allow all members to shorten links. They are then allowed to keep a share of the profit made due to advertising. Basically, any member who joins your AdLinkFly URL shortening service will be able to earn money by shortening URLs. This script supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney, etc. Publishers can withdraw their earned money using any of these services. It also comes with a built-in referral program. This is a great way to spread the word about your awesome link-shortening service. The dashboard provides brief reports about link clicks and total earnings for both the admin and the joining members. Administrators can create unlimited pages, which are fully editable and can also be deleted if needed. You can also implement a basic blogging system where visitors can post comments. The Linkity Business URL Shortener is meant to be used as a private URL shortener for your own business or website.|Most URL shorteners convert long webpage address into short URL consisting of a random of letters and numbers. Other URL shorteners allow you to customize your desired URL in such a way that you retain your keyword for that specific webpage. By retaining your keywords in your URL, targeted audience are more likely to visit your site and easily remember your webpage address for their future visit and referral to friends. Among the many benefits of URL shorteners are the following: Affiliate link cloaker. Using a URL shortener such as allows you to cloak your affiliate ID when promoting them at social sites like Twitter and Facebook. URL shortener is also beneficial in using Twitter which allows only 140 characters per tweet, thus giving you ample space to briefly describe your webpage. Another benefit of using URL shortener is convenience in sharing your site to friends at social sites, groups, forums, blogs, SMS, and instant messengers. One of the general concerns about using a URL shortener is that it affects Google ranking and search engine optimization. However, considering that your webpage can be easily promoted through social sites like Twitter and Facebook, and promote them using your cellphone as SMS text messages; your site page rank is greatly improved as you promote them more often with the aid of URL shorteners. Moreover, when using URL shortener which allows you to customize your link and retain your keywords, your Google page rank is further enhanced and optimized your site among search engines. URL shortening is becoming popular today because it has many uses for various online activities. With the availability of URL shortener, social networking becomes easy by sharing thoughts and ideas found in the webpage; and internet marketing are further enhanced by shortening URL or cloaking affiliate links while retaining your keywords.

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    And you can interact with any of these custom feeds right within the dashboard, to reply, retweet, and like. There’s more to MavSocial than immediately meets the eye, and if visual content is relevant to your campaigns, but you lack the resources to create or commission your own images, then it’s a solid choice that stands out from the pack. MavSocial Price: From $19/month for the Advanced plan that includes one user, 10 social profiles, and some advanced features. Which Social Media Management Tool Is Best for You? Your own business needs will dictate which of these services is best for you. Hootsuite, Sprout Social, MavSocial, and Sendible all offer complete social media management options at various price points. Hootsuite is the masterful all-arounder, with an ever-expanding list of compatible networks. Sprout Social has the best collaborative features of the bunch at a premium price point. Sendible can be configured to find and reach out to potential leads for you, which will suit some businesses better than others. MavSocial comes with 20 million royalty-free images, ready to go. For no-frills social media management, Buffer is easy to use and well priced. Post Planner and MeetEdgar each provide more budget-friendly options for curating and composing updates, at the expense of analytics and engagement tools. And for the visual networks, you have Iconosquare and Tailwind. One final recommendation as you begin diving deep into social media management is a tool called KnowEm. KnowEm lets you register brand names across a huge number of social media websites, from Facebook to LiveJournal, Tumblr to Strava, and SoundCloud to ModDB. It can save agency professionals hours every week by automating much of the sign-up process, though it offers nothing in the way of traditional social media management tools.

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