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    The to parameter is a list of all the numbers you want to check. SMS API statuses and GSM codes. Check the list of response codes for statuses and GSM errors which could be received. This method allows you to send a single textual message to one or more destination addresses. On success, response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the message will be sent. If you try to send message without authorization, you will receive an error 401 Unauthorized. Maximum length for one message is 160 characters for GSM7 standard or 70 characters Unicode encoded messages. If you send text which exceeds the maximum number of supported characters for one message, the sent message will be segmented and charged accordingly. One Long SMS that consists of two SMS counts as two SMS. This method allows you to send multiple textual messages to one or more destination addresses.|There are many websites that offer the service of making any url shorter. The process works by entering your url on the website and it will store this entered url in a database. Upon entering the url you will receive a new web address that will have a unique ID at the end of it to designate your entered url. When the provided url is clicked it will rewrite to the stored url you entered. Not every website can offer this service. It is essential that the generated url is short. This service works best on websites that have a domain of 5 characters or less. Now that I briefly described the concept of how the process works why would you want to use such a service? 1. Twitter updates. Twitter allows a limited number of characters when posting a tweet. If you are tweeting about a url you will want to make the url as small as possible to allow for more text. 2. Easier to type or remember. Some URLs can be very lengthy. Cutting them down to size makes your forum post, email, etc look a lot cleaner. 3. Deception. People will try to conceal the link you are clicking. Perhaps affiliate links are not allowed in a particular forum. The link can be concealed using a shorter url service. To prevent abuse of the short url service a new type of website has been created. A service to expand shortened urls to display the actual url that was concealed.
    The big draw backs if you want to make money blogging and choose affiliate marketing are; the fact that you don’t make 100% commission on the sales; the product could disappear at anytime, leaving you to look for another to promote; the fact that you aren’t growing a buyers list; and you may have hundreds of other people to compete against to make your commission. Create and sell your own product: this is possibly the only option if you decide to go for an obscure niche, but it has many benefits. Unlike affiliate marketing you can be growing a list of buyers so that you can contact them when your next product is available, and you can keep all of the profits. You may decide to put it on one of the affiliate networks and have other people sell it. What’s the downside to creating your own product? You have to either spend the time, or the money, to get it developed. It may not be successful.|Free Giveaway Event is one of the most effective list building methods. It is the fastest way to get hundred and thousand of leads within a few days. Free Giveaway Event is one of the most effective list building methods. It is the fastest way to get hundred and thousand of leads within a few days. 1) You need to have a useful product to give away to your subscribers. The product can be an ebook, a trial physical product, a video or audio, software, an article, etc. If your free product is good, people will thank you for it and thus it will also build relationship between you and the subscribers. 2) Go to Google search to find a Giveaway event and join the event to become a JV partner. There are many events running at different period, you can sign up as gift contributors. 3) Next you need to prepare a squeeze page to capture names and email address of your subscribers. This can be a very simple web page.

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    By far the largest microblog is Twitter (according to Hitwise in Australia alone the popular microblog grew by over 500% new users in one calendar month this summer). Twitter was founded in 2006 and quickly gained attention by winning a prestigious South by South West Blog award in the spring of 2007. Although the site is growing at a tremendous rate, the user volume is still very small in comparison to social networking behemoths like MySpace. Using a simple clean interface, users can get set up and start Twittering really easily. Another microblog technology that is growing in popularity is Plurk. Plurk differs from Twitter in that it provides a more visual “timeline” interface showing your “Plurks” and those you are following on a time sheet-style screen. Just launched in May this year, Plurk is a little more complex than Twitter to use but once you get the hang of it, it definitely appeals to those left brained people among us. The other major player in the microblog scene is Pownce.

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