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    Note: most email programs now turn your typing into perfect links if you type (or paste) in the entire web address-especially important when you are creating great viral signatures for your email. Furthermore, make sure your links are ‘perfect’ in: your emails, social site postings (like on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc), on your profile information, your comments to blogs, blogging, anything where you would want the readers to ‘check out’ the website or the web page you typed. Is It an Extra Long Website Address? Shorten URL’s (website address) by going to: TinyURL. Just type or paste in the web address and it will give you a shortened version. If you are physically writing a web address(like in a note or letter), or you have it printed on anything (like a flyer, business card or brochure), just start with the ‘www’. Notice I capitalized the letters so it is easy to read and easy to remember–you definitely want people to remember it! The same applies for your personal website or any other website address. Happy linking! Get your website out there!
    You may be tempted to put a marketing message to try to sell something here, but this is not advised because you want people to follow you not look at other profiles. Try to be fun and unique. Location – There are people who search for specific cities or states. I prefer to use a state that offers the most coverage area possibilities. Language – find your language option and select it. Protect My Updates – this is if you want your messages to remain private. By doing this you are possibly losing out on opportunities to get people to read your tweets, and this means losing possible followers. I do not recommend using this option here. Once all of your details are entered, you can save your data. There are some other settings that you may want to use like Devices and Notices. You can connect your mobile phone for updates and you can even set your preference on when you want to be notified.

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    They are two separate entities and offer different options and ways to interact with friends and colleagues. Are Facebook Busines Pages also called Fan Pages? Many of you that have been using Facebook for a while will remember that Facebook used to call Business Pages – Fan Pages. Additionally, it used to be that someone “fanned you”. Now they “like you”. Don’t get confused in thinking that a Fan Page is a different product than a Business Page they are one in the same. All Facebook Pages start with the set up of a personal Facebook profile. That’s right, a personal profile! You can’t just jump to Page set up. The email address and name you use for your personal profile must be one tied to a person and not a catchall email like info. Remember, that if you have an employee set up the personal profile portion for your Page, that you don’t want them to tie the new account to an email that you will not have access to if they leave the company.

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