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    A huge number of applications. Also on the site there is an additional function – name selection. VK link shortener and Clicker link shortening, which many Internet patrons are accustomed to using, are quite limited in terms of capabilities. We plan to allow users to assign unique names to urls (links) (of course, with some restrictions and only if they are not busy with another user’s link). Our original goal was (and is to this day) the creation of a convenient tool to shorten the link online. Any user can use this tool, regardless of the device from which he accesses the Internet, and its territorial location. No regional or other locks. On the other hand, there are a number of quite obvious prohibitions regarding the use of the service as part of criminal activity. Using a shortcut to mask malicious objects – urls (links) to sites with viruses, trojans and other hacker software. Concealment of urls (links) to illegal content – all materials (both textual and graphic) are prohibited by law.|Chances are you’ve seen those nifty little QR codes in magazines, on movie posters or product packaging. Quick Response codes are the little squares with a pattern of black dots that encode text and numbers. Smart phones users can snap a photo of these codes and automatically be directed to a specific website, e-mail address or download page. While they are typically used to drive traffic to a company or person’s website, the possibilities are endless. You could direct people to your Facebook page, website or any other URL you’d like, you could encode a phone number or e-mail address making it easier for people to contact you or you could encode it to start downloading a file, the choice is yours. The first step in creating a code is deciding what you want to encode. These sites shorten longer URLS. They also provide statistical information about how many people use the link.
    But wait, there’s more… Now users do not even have to visit your website to get tagged with this pixel, they simply need to click on a link. It’s called link retargeting. Retargeting links can expand your marketing reach to outside of the “awareness” stage of the funnel to more of a “pre-awareness” stage that helps fine-tune your targeting when advertising online. You can use a tool like Rebrandly or ClickMeter to add retargeting pixels to your links and expand your custom audiences inside platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, and Twitter. Ever wanted to run an A/B test but weren’t sure how to do it? With advanced linking features you can actually split traffic 50/50 – or 75/25, or whatever – from within the link itself and thus perform a simple landing page test. Now this isn’t necessary for advertising, as you can just run two ads, and there are other tools, like Optimizely, that let you handle this on the page instead of within the link, but there are some opportunities for testing split traffic for your links.|There are tons of URL shorteners out there, over 200 in fact. It almost seems as if a new one shows up every day. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of using specific URL shorteners, their features and instructions on how to use them. But first, a little background on what they are. The birth of the URL shortener was due to social sites such as Twitter and Facebook having a max length on update characters. Many URLs can be very long, thus eating up the entire update. When a URL shortener is used however, it allows the user to post additional text, as well as track the number of link clicks and other various data. We’ll talk about the top 5, their pros, cons and which one is the best. They have a very strong feature set and robust statistics, however fail to be able to track 3rd party clicks.

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    If you are using long-tail keywords in your title tags, meta description, subheadings, etc; then your article is very well optimized for search engines to understand your content better. If someone is using a “blog” as the keyword in the article, search engine will understand that your article is related to “blog.”As there is no more clear explanation what exactly your content means, your content will start appearing in every search results, which includes this keyword. You may find this beneficial for your blog, but sorry to tell you, it is a bad idea. As told earlier, it is a very highly competitive keyword. Hence you will not get a chance to appear on Google’s first or even second page. For your better understanding, according to a study, only the top 5 results appearing on Google’s first page have high chance of getting clicked. Others have less chance, leave alone the second-page results. To be more precise, if you use long-tail keywords like “How to start a blog,” then search engine will have a clear understanding that your content is for those who want to know how to start their blog.|Note that you can unshorten multiple URLs at once by entering just one per line. Since its creation in 2011, Urlex has constantly being evolved and adapted to keep getting more efficient. This service already expanded a ton of short-links and unveiled millions of paywall links. It is the fastest and easiest to use service for safely demask shortened or obfuscated URLs. We refuse to implement fancy AJAX and cluttery CSS and keep our service simple and effective per design. Urlex handles each request in such a way that all URLs are expanded simultaneously, instead of one after another. This drastically reduces the time you have to wait for a response for both, free and Pro users. You can only access our API with a Pro account. Define custom timeouts (in seconds) to speed up expansion or extend slowly loading requests. Get all hops (redirects) within JSON and XML output and follow the entire path a URL makes from beginning till the end. This service is free. However, it is limited to 100 requests per day. Do not try to exploit it excessively, otherwise your requests might get blocked permanently. We sell unlimited requests with priority handling options and API access for Pro users! Click here to get Urlex Pro.

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