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    26. However, take a look anyway to those outside this list because at any moment they may become new sources of content and qualify for the toplist. 27. You can create additional columns for all the interest groups around you and you want to track in particular. 28. Tweetdeck also allows you to post your message directly on Facebook (if you have not yet synchronized your application status with Facebook). 29. Also create additional columns to track the keywords you want. 30. Give more than you expect to receive.Send at least 3 or 4 informative tweets about created / discussed content by others for each tweet you send for your personal promotion. 31. Do not spam on Twitter.Your followers can you let go at any moment (and they will). They can also block, which may end in an outright ban of Twitter. 32. Twitter is a very interesting tool to make “forward sale”.
    In fact, I have used a simple auto-post to grow visits to my website resulting in a 500% increase in quality leads. The irony of this is that if you can accomplish the second concern, you can pretty much write off the first. Lets go over a few simple tactics that you can do to help you get your business at least started in the Social Media Realm. We will be going over Twitter now and other Social Media in upcoming articles. TWITTER – Twitter is my all time favorite and rightly so. I increased my business nearly 500% in just a couple of months with Twitter. Did I post everyday on Twitter? Yes, but I never visited Twitter except maybe once a week. I read other “tweets”, followed a few people and responded with a thank-you message to those who followed me. I had everything automated so that all I had to do was post on my website. As far as real estate is concerned, these same tactics of posting on your site and automation with Twitter has gained some client agents a whopping average of 50,000 plus visits per month after 12 months. Here is a good example.

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    No service would be complete without a full set of analytics tools, including a Google Analytics integration to help measure the effect that social campaigns have on website traffic. The app comes with nine ready-to-run reports, or you can craft your own, set them to run at regular intervals, and have the results emailed to yourself, your team, or clients. Finally, there is a full suite of collaboration tools, including a shared media library, the ability to delegate tasks to teams or individuals, and per-user or per-team permissions. Sendible Price: From $29/month for the Micro plan that includes one user, 12 services, and unlimited scheduling. Pinterest is a special kind of social network. While Facebook is primarily used for interacting with others, and Twitter is a great way to follow news and trends, Pinterest is a far more introverted network. People who use Pinterest are focusing largely on themselves, discovering visual content they like and categorizing this content into easily retrievable collections.|You can shorten links (URLs) in social posts to save character space, and to keep your posts clear and concise. Because each shortener responds like a 301 redirect, visibility and web page ranking pass through to your site. You can add custom parameters to your links when composing a new post or when editing scheduled or draft content in the Composer (see Apply link settings). 1. Go to Create new post . 2. Type or paste a link into the Text box and display the link toolbar. If you have selected a social account, the shortened link displays in your post preview on the right. Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members – To use a vanity URL or other external shortener in your Hootsuite organization, select Add tracking, select Customize to choose from a list of available shorteners, and then select Apply. Important: Hootsuite saves the full link, not the shortened link when you save content library templates.

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