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    Click the Buffer icon in your toolbar (or use a keyboard shortcut), compose your update, and click Add to Queue to schedule. There are also mobile apps available for both iOS and Android, so you can schedule on the go. We tested the iOS app and found it easy to add updates using the Buffer Extension, which lets you “share” content directly to Buffer from virtually any other app. Your queue, sent posts, and posting schedule are all accessible from the app, and composing an update is a matter of tapping the big plus button at the bottom of the screen. Buffer includes limited insights into post performance. You can see the number of impressions your post achieved, the number of clicks on any links you included, comments, shares, and overall reach. Since Buffer is primarily aimed at scheduling updates, this is a small part of the package. Buffer is in the process of launching Buffer Analyze, a product that promises to deliver more insights into social performance (for an additional fee).
    Your blog’s domain name can be something very similar, or it can be exactly the same with a different extension. For example, your blog may end with dot come, whereas your Facebook page may end with dot net. This is a great way to take full advantage of your keywords, while branding your name and your niche at the same time. Twitter is the other major player in the social networking arena. You can set up your account to automatically tweet your blog posts at certain times each day. When you write about your eBook in one of your blog posts, anyone who is following you on Twitter will see what you have written. Even though you are limited to 140 characters with each tweet, you can shorten your links by using a site such as tinyurl or bitly. This enables you to provide great information about your eBook in the space you are allowed. You may also want to give out a sample chapter to your Twitter followers so that they can see if this is something they will be interested in purchasing. I recommend doing this while you are still writing, so that you will already have prospects when you are ready to make sales. The combination of Facebook, Twitter, and your blog will give you the online presence you need in order to sell your eBook and become known to your target audience. By seeing your name in so many places, you will be able to attract new prospects and clients on a regular basis. By getting involved in social networking right now, you will be able to position yourself as the expert in your niche. People will know who you are and associate you with your topic. There has never been a better time to be online than right now, and social networking speeds up the process of building your list and gaining the credibility and visibility necessary to sell your eBook and building your online empire.

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    Study-wide shortlink use was summarized as number of clicks (active participation) on each link within the Bitly built-in analytics system. We complied with the terms of service for both Facebook and Bitly shortlink websites. Messages and web links sent via Facebook and SMS were categorized into ten themes; exercise, recipes, healthy diet, weight gain, pregnancy cravings, relaxation, hydration, fruits and vegetables, fun, and science. The survey consisted of 15 multiple-choice questions and was given to participants at the first and last study visits. The survey aimed to assess nutritional behaviors, nutritional knowledge, and general health knowledge. Specific questions were also included to assess knowledge of dietary fiber and added sugar-containing foods. Three 24-hour diet recalls were administered to participants by the study coordinator and/or study staff at clinic visits closest to 0, 9 and 18 weeks of the social media intervention. The mean gestational age of participants at these three time points was 23.2В±5.1, 31.4В±4.7, and 36.0В±3.7 weeks, respectively. Each participant described their dietary intake during the previous day and study staff probed for easily forgotten foods such as beverages and condiments using the multi-pass method.

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