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    The big draw backs if you want to make money blogging and choose affiliate marketing are; the fact that you don’t make 100% commission on the sales; the product could disappear at anytime, leaving you to look for another to promote; the fact that you aren’t growing a buyers list; and you may have hundreds of other people to compete against to make your commission. Create and sell your own product: this is possibly the only option if you decide to go for an obscure niche, but it has many benefits. Unlike affiliate marketing you can be growing a list of buyers so that you can contact them when your next product is available, and you can keep all of the profits. You may decide to put it on one of the affiliate networks and have other people sell it. What’s the downside to creating your own product? You have to either spend the time, or the money, to get it developed. It may not be successful.|Free Giveaway Event is one of the most effective list building methods. It is the fastest way to get hundred and thousand of leads within a few days. Free Giveaway Event is one of the most effective list building methods. It is the fastest way to get hundred and thousand of leads within a few days. 1) You need to have a useful product to give away to your subscribers. The product can be an ebook, a trial physical product, a video or audio, software, an article, etc. If your free product is good, people will thank you for it and thus it will also build relationship between you and the subscribers. 2) Go to Google search to find a Giveaway event and join the event to become a JV partner. There are many events running at different period, you can sign up as gift contributors. 3) Next you need to prepare a squeeze page to capture names and email address of your subscribers. This can be a very simple web page.
    Twitter has been deemed the conversational search engine of our time- and its no wonder why. Twitter makes it simple to search a topic and immediately jump into the conversation. Before you post, see what’s being said about a certain topic, and tweet accordingly. Twitter also informs you of the popular topics of the day with a daily list of Trending Topics. If you see a topic that is relevant to your industry, take advantage of the opportunity, and create a post with those keywords. On Bob Marley’s birthday, we realized “Happy Birthday Marley” was trending, so we decided to take the opportunity to post a silly photo of our office mascot, Meatball, rocking Bob Marley dreads. Sometimes, it’s okay to post something that sheds light on your office culture. Loosen up! After all, it’s social media. Make sure you not only shorten the link before you post, but customize it. For our clients, we like to “brand” our customized links by beginning with the client’s initials, followed by a shortened description of the link.

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    In the real world, you have real communities or maybe Meet-Up groups. After you find out Twitter people that are talking about the things that are important to you via one of the methods above, follow them by clicking on their link. In the beginning, you may be tempted to follow everybody. Resist the temptation. Choose carefully who you follow. I find a good way to decide who I will follow, is to look at some of the content that they have created (not just re-tweeted) and find out if they appear to be opinion leaders and not just re-distributing other peoples’ material all of the time. The opinion leaders are important because they will give you access to quality material and they can in turn be useful for getting behind your opinions. When you create quality material, you will quickly become known for that and people will begin to follow you very quickly.

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